10 ways to look after your body, and mind, in your office

The team at Lyreco wanted to get to know office workers a little better and discover what creates a happy workplace and an office environment that truly makes people say “wow”. After completing a OnePoll study with 2000 office workers, we found that the number one thing that would make people feel happier at work are employers caring more about health and well-being.

When it comes to the mind, 66% of employees feel that workplaces are more stressful than they were five years ago. For many office workers (57%), stress in the workplace can hamper the ability to do a job to their best.

Stand, don’t sit

We also revealed that six in ten office workers hate how much time they spend sat down during office hours. One company who understands this area of office life better than most is Fellowes, who offers a wide range of workplace management products. It’s easy to see why standing as much as possible is vital when you read their fascinating research. Sedentary working has been linked to inflammation within the body, which can then lead to serious long-term medical conditions such as heart disease, cancer, obesity and mental health issues. It’s clear that office workers need to move more, whilst still being able to work effectively.

Did you know that moving to a standing position increases your blood circulation, concentration, metabolic rate and energy, which in turn help to regulate blood pressure and sugar levels, body weight and stress?

Discover Fellowes’ top 10 tips for looking after your mind and body in the office.

  1. Wherever possible, stand during meetings and presentations. Try and encourage others to do the same to create a healthier working environment.
  2. When you are talking on your mobile phone, try and move around rather than just sit at your desk.
  3. Stay on your feet if you are waiting for public transport on your way to a meeting.
  4. If you have a lift or escalator in your office building, try and take the stairs instead to help increase your heart-rate and burn calories.
  5. Do simple stretching exercises when sat at your desk: raise your arms, move your neck from side to side, place your hands on your lower back and lean backwards, lift
    your legs up and down and gently shake your feet.
  6. If it’s essential for you to sit for a long period of time, remember to take regular breaks and short walks. Why not set a reminder on your phone at regular intervals during your day so you don’t forget to stand up once you get stuck into a task?
  7. Make sure you keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water throughout the day. You will also benefit from the exercise of getting up to go to the drink dispenser or tap.
  8. How many times have you sent an email to someone asking a question when they are sat a short distance away? When you need to communicate with a colleague in the same office, go to speak to them rather than email as it gets you out of your seat and helps build relationships.
  9. Use your lunch break wisely and go out for a short walk, even if you just did ten minutes this is much better than doing nothing at all.
  10. The best solution for all desk workers is to use a Sit-Stand Workstation and follow the healthy cycle of motion.

How does a Fellowes Sit-Stand workstation improve the health of office workers?

There are many ways to do this, and following Fellowes 10 top tips and introducing a healthy cycle of motion would be a great place to start. Sit-stand workstations give you the flexibility to add movement to your working day, rather than being restricted to the confines of your desk. Find out more about this amazing product here >> Fellowes Sit Stand Desk

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