The office that makes you go wow - 20 things that make you go wow

20 things that would make someone go wow in the workplace

Last week we revealed the results of the latest Lyreco survey where we explored how office workers feel about their own and other people’s workplace environment. The OnePoll study with 2,000 office workers helped us to discover what makes employees go wow in the workplace. This included everything from the look and feel of an office, furniture and technology and how a company makes its employees feel.

In our survey the Google offices were mentioned quite a few times as an office that people know and see as a fun place to work. Google offices around the world have some quirky features including slides, ball pits and nap pods to aid creativity. Our survey highlighted that only 22% of office workers are specifically given time to concentrate on being creative at work and 66% of employees feel that workplaces are more stressful than they were five years ago.

Do you think better working environments improve creativity and reduce stress in the workplace?

A relaxed attitude, supportive colleagues, flexible working hours, a close-knit team and light-hearted atmosphere came out as the most-wanted traits in the hunt for the perfect employer. The top three things that would make people feel happier at work are employers caring more about health and well-being, giving the office a makeover and recognising staff who do little things around the office such as tidy the kitchen or filing.

But what office features would add the wow factor?

We’ve selected 20 of our favourite responses in our quest for things that would truly add the wow factor to an office.

  1. A roof garden
  2. Slide in the office garden
  3. Comfy chairs and bright colours so the room feels happy
  4. Free food delivered to your desk
  5. Being allowed to bring your dog to work
  6. Nap pods
  7. Minimalist office
  8. Big modern glass buildings with great views
  9. A gym with showers
  10. Breakout areas with entertainment such as a pool table
  11. Music on in the office
  12. Equipment and seating to help with posture and wellbeing
  13. Good technology
  14. It is the atmosphere that makes an office a good one
  15. A decent, clean kitchen and eating area so that we don’t have to eat lunch at our desk or in the car
  16. Office plants and greenery with trickling water would be lovely
  17. Plenty of open space
  18. Good parking
  19. A place where work feels like just going to hang out with friends whilst doing some tasks
  20. Hot, cold and sparkling water out of one tap instantly

Do you have any of these in your office? We’d love to see images or hear your own ideas for the perfect office. Share with us via @LyrecoUK_Ire on Twitter and Instagram and at lyrecouk on Facebook.

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