How to archive your office papers using this simple storage solution

How to archive your office papers using this simple storage solution

Do you sometimes feel like your paperwork is just completely out of control? Have you ever wasted time looking for an important document that wasn’t filed properly? Many documents need to be kept for months, or even years, but you don’t want them in your way as a clear workstation helps you to focus on the tasks in hand. However, when the time comes you need to be able to get your hands on important documents quickly.

Businesses are often frantically looking through piles of documents to prepare for tax returns & audits. It’s a legal requirement for companies to keep accurate records for specific periods of time, so efficient filing and storage is therefore essential. Also, in our recent ‘confessions of an office geek’ survey, feeling out of control if items aren’t filed properly was revealed as one of the biggest signs you are an ‘office geek’.

So how do you manage paperwork? Here’s a quick and simple way we can help you keep on top of archiving in the office.

Put paper in its place

Of all the things that contribute to making desks and worktops untidy, piles of paper are among the biggest offenders. No matter how hard we try to keep on top of paper, it keeps mounting up.

Untidy paperwork is especially an eye-sore for any working environment where keeping things tidy is an essential requirement for productivity. Storage boxes are perfect for archiving your paperwork and other personal items which you don’t need to access on a regular basis. This method doesn’t take too much sorting either as Lever Arch Files perfectly fit in Fellowes storage boxes, so you can generally transport them from one location to another securely.

There is a clear labelling area on each end of the box, so you can quickly identify the contents when you do need to locate a document within the files. To make it quick and easy to find items you should allocate each box to a specific type of paperwork (invoices, receipts, purchase orders etc), month or year so you can find documents.

An organised office

A strong and memorable filing system is one of the key elements of an organised office. In fact, having a colour-coding system was in our top ten signs you are an ‘office geek’.  However, almost a third of office workers described their desk as organised chaos with 11% telling us they are messy. Take just a few minutes at the end of each week to sort through your paperwork so you can start your Monday with a clear desk. This will help you focus on the tasks in-hand.

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