Confessions of an ‘office geek’

Confessions of an 'office geek' revealed in new stationery study

Almost half of workers (48%) admit to being an 'office geek' in a new study on office life. Loving to-do lists, owning highlighters in at least three different colours and getting enjoyment from labelling things are among the signs you are an 'office geek'. Other indicators include loving a pen which writes well, having a Pinterest board dedicated to stationery and owning a desk tidy.

Be proud of your geekiness

Our research with 2000 office workers found that 84 per cent of self-confessed office geeks are proud to be so. Whilst the term 'office geek' might be new to some people, the results show it's something many people identify themselves as. Trying to have a tidy desk and owning an impressive selection of stationery is certainly nothing to be ashamed of, as the research revealed that four in 10 feel these geeky traits actually make you more productive.

Stationery is good for the mind

It seems that stationery is even good for the mind, as six in 10 office workers said they find highlighting things or using a pen which writes well actually improves their mood if they are having a bad day. Despite the digital age, pens topped a list of stationery items we can't live without followed by notebooks, paper, a stapler and sticky notes. It was also revealed that pens and staplers are the items most likely to go 'walkabout' in an office. Whilst 62% always make sure they get their stationery items back when they lend them, 40% don't like to loan them out at all.

A life-long love of stationery

For 61% their love of stationery stems from fond childhood memories of getting new items, especially for school. It also emerged, 58% of those polled admit they take pride in having 'nice' pens, notepads, rulers and other stationery and almost half of office workers (48%) agreed that stationery is calming and therapeutic.

Lyreco has enjoyed delving into the lives of office workers with our latest study. There's a true love for stationery and we've been fascinated to discover the geeky traits being displayed in British offices. Whilst in the past the term 'geek' may have been seen as uncool, these days people are proud to be described in this way as it is linked to productivity, organisation and calmness.

Do you think you are an office geek? Is there an office geek standing proud or even hiding away in your office? Discover the top ten signs you are an office geek in our latest article.    

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