Five office products that will make a difference to your day at work

When it comes to offices that truly make us go “wow” sometimes it’s the smallest things that can make a big difference. In our recent study with Brits, half of the office workers agreed that the look and feel of an office affects how well they do their job. Whilst 46% said that good quality office furniture helps make an employee feel valued at work. It appears ‘office envy’ is a real thing as 22% of employees admit to being envious of friends because of their workplace. The most likely causes of envy in a workplace are being next to a window, privacy around your desk and amount of space.

As part of our study we wanted to explore what creates the wow-factor when visiting an office or learning more about how a company looks after their staff. This highlighted the importance of making the right decision when it comes to ordering office items as 39% of workers agreed that good quality office supplies can help show that bosses value staff.

We also polled our Facebook followers to discover whether a poor office environment would put you off accepting a job or whether it was the actual job role that matters most. A huge 84% agreed it would put them off recognising the importance of selecting office products wisely.

To help get your next office supplies order underway, we’ve selected five products that will make a difference to your working day and office environment.

1. Tesa Easy Cut desk and dispenser

How much time do you waste finding the end of the tape when you want to send out a parcel? It can be one of those tiny office problems that causes the biggest frustration in the office. With this product the end of the tape is always at your fingertips.

2. Oxford Black N’ Red Notebook

Have you ever needed some motivation on your Monday morning? You can get your day off to a positive start with a notebook that’s full of inspiration with little quotes that make you smile. You can also save time when you use this product and the Sribzee by Oxford app to record all your handwritten notes electronically.

3. Navigator paper

Who would have thought that printer paper could have an impact on your day? There is a misconception that a higher gsm results in a higher-quality print, but a printer can’t differentiate between paper weight. It’s the thickness and stiffness that guarantees the best print. Take a look at this video to see the difference it makes when you send a large document.

4. Tesa Easy Stick

Next time you need to glue something in the office you will want this tesa product on your desk. We love how you can glue in three different ways thanks to the triangular head of the glue stick. Cover a large area by holding it flat, spread a thin line of glue by just using one side or create glue dots using the point of the triangle. How handy is that?

5. Leitz Smart Traveller Back Pack

Many of us need to create an office on the move, whether that’s on a train between meetings, at your local coffee shop or even on the school run. The last thing you need when travelling is realising you have left an essential office item behind. However, the Leitz Smart Traveller Back Pack helps you to store everything you need to get your office up and running, wherever you are.

We’d love to hear about the office products you find make a difference to your working day.Let us know on Facebook or Tweet us on Twitter @LyrecoUK_Ire just use the hashtag #LyrecoOfficeWow.

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Black N Red Notebooks
Leitz Back pack
Tesa glue stick
Navigator paper
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