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Five simple swaps to go green at work

In celebrating #WorldEnvironmentDay, we have put together some simple swaps for how to be more sustainable at work.

Think you can make the switch? Get ready to save time (and even money) in the process.

1. Ditch the takeaway coffee for reusable cups

More and more companies are changing the way they use single-use cups and materials with Waitrose being one of the recent companies to stop using disposable coffee cups. At Lyreco, we have given all our employees reusable cups since 2016. Bringing your own reusable cup could save you over £2,000 per year in place of takeaway hot drinks! Time to get planning that extra week’s holiday…

2. Stop consuming (and start measuring) your energy savings!

Using an energy saving app can help you see the difference saving energy can make and how much money you can save. Joulebug is available for Apple Android users and provides easy ways to change your habits at home and work to be more sustainable. You can collect trophies, see your savings and connect with friends and family. Download Joulebug to start today.

3. Crack down on food waste

Sick of seeing the same foods go to waste? Keeping a list of foods you regularly throw away can help prevent food waste and why not try adding up the costs for added motivation. At Lyreco over 45 tonnes of food waste has been used to produce electricity and fertilisers. Help make your office more sustainable.

4. Go green on your commute

British weather can make green commutes difficult. However if it’s not snowing or raining cats and dogs, walking or cycling to work can be a great way to save money, energy and hit your daily steps target. Lots of companies (including Lyreco) offer incentive schemes for cycling to work. At Lyreco we have installed electric car charging ports to encourage staff to switch to greener modes of transport onsite.

5. Put your ideas to your company!

Take a look at our sustainability infographic below for more inspiration for ways your workplace can save energy and go green. Share this blog posts with friends and the people you work with to see if they can complete the sustainable swap challenge for a week!

Lyreco sustainability infographic

At Lyreco we are extremely proud of our sustainable values and also stock a wide range of ecological products you might not know about.

From recycled pens and paper to award-winning, chemical-free cleaning products, visit our new eco products list online to see the benefits they can offer to your business today?


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