Welcome to In The Loop by Lyreco

Welcome to our brand new blog, designed to keep you “In the Loop” on everything Lyreco.

If you’re not one of our customers, followers, or a member of the Lyreco team and you’ve stumbled upon this blog through some other means – then welcome!

It doesn’t matter how you got here, whether you clicked the wrong link or even if you googled the 2009 British satirical black comedy film starring Peter Capaldi and ended up here?

Now that you’re here, maybe you’d like to know more about us!

We could tell you, but research shows that 43% of Blog readers admit to “skim reading” and respond better to content that includes videos or pictures, so just watch this video instead…

So now you know who we are, welcome once again to our Blog.
We’ll do you a deal, you keep coming back and checking it out, and we’ll keep posting anything interesting that pops into our heads, whether that’s the latest information from our suppliers, about our products, services and projects, or even just what we had for breakfast! We’d love you to leave a comment on our posts to get your views too!

Oh and one more thing…

Be sure to follow us on all our social media pages by clicking the links at the top right of the News Page, and visit our UK webshop or the Irish webshop today for all the latest Deals and Offers!

See you soon!

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