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What’s in our new Lyreco PPE catalogue – Section six footwear protection

The sixth section in the new PPE Catalogue is Footwear Protection. There is a useful safety footwear guide at the beginning of the section with a list of industries to help you make the right choice.

The latest standard most commonly used for safety footwear is EN 20345:2011 – this replaced the older EN 2034:2004 and EN 345 standards on all new products. Slip resistance markings are also explained in this section.

What’s New?

We’re really proud of our Foot Protection section this year. We’ve not only added new products but also new ranges, including a selection for ladies, price sensitive options for those on a budget, designer brands Cat and Timberland for the label-conscious, vegan suitable boots and shoes, and metatarsal safety boots.

The footwear is grouped into light/medium weight, heavy weight, specialist, chemical, rigger boots, wellington boots, and accessories such as steel toe caps, insoles, boot polish, and shoe laces.

That’s the end of our first look preview at footwear protection – section six of the Lyreco PPE catalogue.

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