The importance of colour in a workplace

How important is colour in the workplace?

“Colour is my day-long obsession, joy and torment” artist Claude Monet once said, while you may not be painting a masterpiece in your office, you shouldn’t underestimate the very real power and influence that colour can have. Psychology of colour Colour psychology is a huge area and something that’s increasingly […]

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Happy hashtag day

Happy Birthday to the Hashtag

Today at Lyreco we are celebrating the eleventh birthday of the hashtag. Most of us know it from social media and the telephone system but it goes back much farther than that. The symbol originates from Roman times when it signified the term for a pound in weight, a libro […]

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Lyreco Loves Telford

This year, Telford, celebrates its 50th birthday. Telford was named after civil engineer Thomas Telford, who was heavily involved in a number of rail and road projects throughout Shropshire. Telford is the home of some of Shropshire’s major landmarks such as The Ironbridge, UNESCO World Heritage Site and The Wrekin. […]

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What gives offices the wow factor header

How do you create the wow-factor in a workplace?

The team at Lyreco work with office workers across the UK so it’s vital that we understand exactly how these people are feeling and thinking. That’s why we wanted to discover what makes people feel happy about their workplace, as well as what would make them say ‘wow’ if they […]

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The office that makes you go wow - 20 things that make you go wow

20 things that would make someone go wow in the workplace

Last week we revealed the results of the latest Lyreco survey where we explored how office workers feel about their own and other people’s workplace environment. The OnePoll study with 2,000 office workers helped us to discover what makes employees go wow in the workplace. This included everything from the look […]

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