The Office that makes you go WOW by Lyreco

What’s the secret to a perfect workplace in 2018?

The key to keeping employees happy and feeling valued has been revealed by office products suppliers, Lyreco. It surveyed 2,000 office workers via OnePoll to discover what makes employees go ‘wow’ in the workplace. This covered everything from the look and feel of an office, furniture and technology to how […]

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Five simple swaps to go green at work

In celebrating #WorldEnvironmentDay, we have put together some simple swaps for how to be more sustainable at work. Think you can make the switch? Get ready to save time (and even money) in the process. 1. Ditch the takeaway coffee for reusable cups More and more companies are changing the […]

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What would your desk look like without labels?

What would your desk look like without labels? Our recent survey revealed that the number one sign of being an office geek is that you enjoy labelling things. From files and folders, to personal property, to mail and packages – there’s no end to what you can label in the office. […]

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Simple starting points for the Mindful Maverick

Simple starting points for the Mindful Maverick Do you keep lists at work or are you someone who prefers to just go-with-the-flow? If you’d rather be a flexible freewheeler than a logical list-maker you may be missing out. But if your to-do tasks have only ever been stored in your […]

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Confessions of an ‘office geek’

Confessions of an ‘office geek’ revealed in new stationery study Almost half of workers (48%) admit to being an ‘office geek’ in a new study on office life. Loving to-do lists, owning highlighters in at least three different colours and getting enjoyment from labelling things are among the signs you […]

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Welcome to In The Loop by Lyreco

Welcome to our brand new blog, designed to keep you “In the Loop” on everything Lyreco. If you’re not one of our customers, followers, or a member of the Lyreco team and you’ve stumbled upon this blog through some other means – then welcome! It doesn’t matter how you got […]

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