Seven reasons why there’s so much love for an old-fashioned notebook

Seven reasons why there’s so much love for an old-fashioned notebook

Notebooks almost came out on top in the confessions of an office geek survey in terms of stationery we couldn’t live without, only beaten by the ever-faithful pen. With the typical office worker owning at least two notebooks it appears this is a stationery item that makes many of us happy. In fact, 18% of office workers actually use a new notebook each time they start a new project. Starting a new notebook was also described as the third most therapeutic stationery-related task after tidying a desk and writing.

This week in the Lyreco office, we’ve been exploring why there’s so much love for notebooks and why, despite a surge in technology, this stationery item is here to stay.


  1. Firstly, you don’t need to worry where your phone charger is or how much percent is left on your battery to be able to use a trusty notebook. The last thing you want is to turn up to a meeting without the resources to make notes, and a notebook and pen will never let you down in that way.
  2. With technology there is always a risk that at some point things could go wrong. Your files could be deleted, discs could get corrupted or wiped and sometimes you simply forget to save your work. Brainstorming ideas, keeping to-do lists and making notes of important information in a safely-guarded notebook helps give peace of mind.
  3. A notebook is a great way to show off your personality with so many styles and designs. For example, the Pukka PP Neon range is perfectly suited to office workers who like to stand out and add some colour to their lives. The confessions of an office geek survey revealed that a third of office workers will consider colour when choosing stationery items.
  4. You should always keep a notebook to hand so you don’t forget something important. This could be an item that needs to be added to your to-do list, notes from an unexpected call or simply have one next to your bed for that ‘middle of the night’ inspiration.
  5. For many of us in the office you can’t beat that feel of paper in your hands. There are some people in life who just prefer trusty paper to electronics and that’s something which won’t go away. It’s the same with paper books versus an e-reader, it’s a personal preference regardless of the clever gadgets available to us.
  6. Writing is known for being therapeutic. Over the years, there have been many articles written on the benefits of writing and how it can even help those with anxiety or depression. Putting words down on a page helps clear a mind and allows people to focus on just the most important things.
  7. A notebook makes a perfect gift according to 58% of those polled in the confessions of an office geek survey. Are you someone who loves stationery? If so, you will always be happy to receive a new notebook for a special occasion, especially one that brightens up your life.


You can head to our website to find out more about the Pukka PP Neon range which includes A4 and A5 pads, as well as the handy project book which is perfect for planning and keeping everything in order.



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