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Six steps for Successful Collaboration!

Some of the best ideas, inventions, art and music come as a result of a collaborative effort and the same can be said for the workplace. From simply talking the beginnings of an idea through with a colleague to a big team brainstorm, collaboration often leads to brilliant results. Whether you’re trying to come up with creative campaigns or look for innovative solutions to a problem, two heads (or more) are usually better than one.

Whatever the challenges on your to-do list, why not get the team involved and come together? Here are a few guidelines for successful collaboration in the office:

Write it down!

When ideas are flowing and everyone is keen to contribute, it can be easy to miss a comment that could be very useful later on. Make sure you record everyone’s comments or get them to write them down themselves directly on a Post-it® Super Sticky Note, 101mm x 101mm. Did you know, according to Post-it research, you are 42% more likely to get things done if you write them down? Making a note of each individual contribution is a great way to ensure all ideas are collected and acted upon.

Avoid collaborative chaos

Avoid collaborative chaos

The more people you have working on something, the more confusing and potentially chaotic it can become. Consider using a colour coding system, with different coloured sticky notes, such as Post-it® Super Sticky Big Notes. These bright and colourful pads are designed to help you visualise your ideas with large size notes that can be displayed on smooth, vertical and horizontal surfaces. Assign a category for each colour and ensure your team’s ideas are in an order that’s easy to manage and act upon.

Set creativity free

Set creativity free

When you need your team to ‘think outside the box’ it’s important to let meeting rooms and desk areas become creative spaces. Sometimes jotting ideas down on a pad of paper can feel formal and may even stifle creativity. In the spirit of collaboration, why not let walls, tables and other surfaces become the place to share ideas with The Post-it® Super Sticky Dry Erase Surface It’s designed to stick to a variety of painted drywall and steel surfaces, glass orfinished wood and requires no tools to install – just unroll, peel and stick. This way you can turn almost any surface into a whiteboard, where staff can draw diagrams, share ideas and most importantly, collaborate with ease.

Set a clear focus

Set clear focus
It can be easy for collaborative get togethers to veer off on a tangent at times. Make sure you’ve set a clear theme and a focus for the session, so that everyone keeps coming back to the same central concept. To help with this, it’s good to have something visually central to keep you on track. The 3M Post-it® 563 Plain White Table Top Easel is a great solution, position it in the centre of your meeting table and write your key focus down and invite the team to add to it. The Easel’s sheets can be mounted, removed and repositioned time and time again, so you can display your ideas around the room.

Encourage knowledge sharing

If one member of the team has been on a course, to a workshop, training day or important meeting it’s important to encourage insight and knowledge sharing with the rest of the team. The free SCRIBZEE® app from Oxford makes this easy. It’s a high-performance scanning application that combines the features of your smartphone with the four tag markers printed on the pages of Oxford notepads, notebooks and diaries. The app saves your scanned notes in a secure cloud provided by Oxford at no cost. They can then be consulted, edited or shared by any connected device, wherever you may be.

Find inspiration every day

Collaboration and creative thinking shouldn’t just be for big one-off events, meetings and problem solving – it should be encouraged every day. Did you know that the classic Black and Red notebooks from Oxford contain quotes to help motivate and inspire? It’s the perfect subtle reminder to keep up the innovative ideas and creative processes in every day working life.

What are your top tips for collaborative working? We’d love to hear your ideas, tweet us at @LyrecoUK_Ire or find us on Instagram at @lyrecouk_ie, don’t forget to use the hashtag #LyrecoOfficeWow.

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