3 top tips before you interview

Three top tips before you interview

Are you currently going through the process of preparing for an interview? We caught up with Adam one of our Resourcing & Talent Acquisition Specialists at Lyreco who was willing to share his expertise when it comes to getting ready for the big day…

Does the thought of an interview stress you out or make you nervous? Sometimes this process can be scary. However, keeping things simple and sticking to the basics can pay off, check out my 3 top tips before your interview.

Be prepared

Do you understand the brand, product and organisation structure? You could go a step further and find out about a person’s career history. You’ll know how long your interviewer has been with the company and what roles they may have held – this could be great for breaking the ice.

Simple research utilising company social media pages, social networking sites or company web pages will go a long way and can help you impress during the process, after all what is 5/10 minutes of additional research if it secures you a 2nd stage interview or even a job offer…

Be presentable

First impressions count, ensuring you are presentable will allow you to feel more confident and prepared for your interview, which is one less thing to worry about!

Be on time

Quite possibly the most simple of all tips is to be on time… A no brainer right? You’d be surprised how many candidates arrive late or even far too early! You can’t go wrong in arriving around 10 minutes early for your interview, plan your journey ahead and take traffic in to account.

The above tips seem simple enough right?

Preparation, Presentation and being Prompt will give a great first impression before you have even sat down with your interviewer.

I hope this helps & good luck with in any upcoming interviews you may have!

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