The top ten signs you are an office geek and why you should celebrate them

The top ten signs you are an office geek and why you should celebrate them

We recently revealed our confessions of an office geek which discovered that not only do 48% of office workers admit to being a geek around the workplace, 84% of those are proud to be so. If you aren’t familiar with the term “office geek”, we’ve been delving a little deeper into the research and reveal the top ten signs this could be you. 

  1. You enjoy labelling things

From labelling files and folders to marking your personal property, if you love labels then this is the most likely sign you are an office geek. However, clearly labelled files save you time and therefore increase productivity, as well as reducing frustration when important documents can’t be found. You can also save money, as with cleverly labelled property the risk of items going missing is greatly reduced.

  1. You love the feel of a pen that writes well

Are you someone who loves taking a brand-new pen out of the box or packet? Do you have pens hidden all over your workstation so you’re never short of one? Is there a favourite pen you own that you never lend out? It seems this is a clear sign you are an office geek. For many of us this love of stationery stems from childhood memories, probably from school days. So, if you’re someone who still can’t resist exploring the ‘back to school’ offers, you’ve got signs of an office geek running through your veins.

  1. New stationery makes you happy

You only need to search on Pinterest and Instagram to discover the wealth of stationery lovers out there. Whether you love the look and feel of a new notebook or are someone who chooses their stationery based on style, it’s clear for many of us stationery makes us happy. Be proud: a love of stationery is not something you should hide away. In fact, we believe it’s the basis for many a conversation starter and even friendships amongst like-minded office workers.

  1. You have a colour-coding system

Colour-coding systems will also reduce the amount of time looking for files and important documents. Of course, that’s a given! But they also look pretty funky too. Once a coloured system is in place, office items should be quick and easy to get your hands on, especially if everything is clearly communicated to colleagues. Colour is also an effective way to brighten moods and bring some vibrancy to office lives.

  1. You own highlighter pens in at least three different colours

Is it the smell? Or the colours? Maybe it’s the brightness they bring to a page. There’s a lot of love for highlighters as our confessions of an office geek survey revealed. And why not? As highlighting helps you identify key information much quicker and is something most of us have done since our school days. Old habits like this should never die.

  1. You tidy your desk every day

We loved discovering how many of you are clearing your desks at the end of each day. The saying ‘a tidy desk, a tidy mind’ wasn’t created from nowhere. Experts suggest that having a clear desk actually makes us more focused and productive, as if you are surrounded by mess and clutter it can be tricky to focus on specific tasks.

  1. You feel out of control if items aren't filed properly

Absolutely! If you can’t locate items in the place they should be this can cause panic and stress, especially if your boss is putting you under pressure to find that all important document for a meeting. Avoid situations like this by instigating clear and easy-to-use filing systems that everyone can use.

  1. You have a to-do list

A simple to-do list isn’t something to be shy about, in fact it’s something you should shout about. It creates order and gives you a focus on what you need to get done and the times they need to be done by. When you prioritise like this you can manage tasks more effectively. To-do lists also help you to delegate as you can quickly identify duties which someone else may be able to help you with. This can be a big time-saver and stress-reliever.

  1. You own black, blue AND red ballpoint pens

Using coloured pens to identify tasks, who’s completing them, and key priorities can help everyone focus on getting jobs completed. Using a red pen is ideal for marking actions so they clearly stand out when you are reflecting after a meeting. This makes creating a to-do list much easier, so don’t ever feel the guilt about having pens in each colour. It’s actually really productive.  

  1. You hate it when someone uses your desk

Do you feel uncomfortable when you have to work away from your usual surroundings? Does the thought of hot desking absolutely fill you with dread? If you are someone who prefers your desk exactly how you like it, why would you want to share? We completely understand this. Choosing your own desk accessories is the perfect way to add that personal touch to make you feel more at ease when working.

Hopefully, after reading this you will realise that if you are an office geek you should be proud of that badge. Wear it with pride and share your geeky tendencies with your colleagues and others on our social channels.

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