What is resourcing and talent acquisition specialist

What is a Resourcing & Talent Acquisition Specialist?

At Lyreco we are extremely passionate about developing our people to be the best they can be. We are an organisation that offers the opportunity for development and progression in all areas of the business.We understand that to grow our company we have to recruit the best talent we can. This is a great responsibility but it is one that is handled well by our resourcing and talent acquisition team. You may be wondering what that entails… So we’ve caught up with Dan our resourcing and talent acquisition specialist to talk through what’s involved in the job.

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As a Resourcing & Talent Acquisition Specialist for Lyreco, I often get asked what that actually means… it’s not like I run around acquiring ‘talent’ to store away like some strange bloated version of the Tooth Fairy – though being able to fly would be cool…

A Resourcing & Talent Acquisition Specialist is actually an Employee Experience (formerly known in Lyreco as HR) professional who specialises in marketing, sourcing, identifying and hiring employees. Unlike many Internal Resourcing functions & Recruitment Agencies, the vast majority of roles we deal with are for permanent vacancies. The challenges we face can often be how to market roles that are specific to a dynamic business like ours in a way for potential candidates to fully understand what the position entails.

We are involved in the full life cycle of the Resourcing journey, from marketing a vacancy, screening prospective candidates, interviewing, whether this be face to face, via Skype or via Telephone and finally preparing candidates for interviews with our Hiring managers. We are the face of our company during this process, we will be the first person they speak to right up to being the last person when an offer is made and therefore providing a an excellent candidate experience is vital to everything we do.

Working as a Talent Acquisition Specialist means you get to work with a range of people in your company assisting with one of their most important tasks; hiring the right people into their team. There’s no better feeling than telling a great candidate they’ve got the job after you’ve assisted them with the recruitment process, especially when you have a Hiring Manager who is also happy! Once they’ve started you can get to know them even more and it’s great to see previous candidates get promoted through the business.

If you would like to know more about Lyreco why not get in touch with one of us and we’ll do everything we can to guide you through our recruitment process – and if you get hired make sure you call in to the office! Our door is always open and the coffee machine will be on (unless my colleague Adam Edwards has broken it again).

Are you looking for your next role? We’ve got some great opportunities available at Lyreco. Find out more at www.lyrecocareers.co.uk.

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