What would your desk look like without labels?

What would your desk look like without labels?

Our recent survey revealed that the number one sign of being an office geek is that you enjoy labelling things. From files and folders, to personal property, to mail and packages – there’s no end to what you can label in the office. In our confessions of an office geek survey 62% of office workers said they always make sure items they lend are returned. Whilst four in 10 office workers admit to having stationery on their desk with no idea how they acquired them. A well-placed label is an effective way of making sure items get returned to their owner quickly. But how else can labelling items help us to be more productive and help us save money across the business?


Learn from the labelling experts

Avery UK has been working alongside the Association of Professional

Declutterers and Organisers to discover the secrets behind successful organising.

Tracy Marquiss from Marquiss Home Management, who is a member of APDO, said: “Labels are very useful for lots of things. I suggest clients use small filing cabinets for offices and create neatly labelled files so it’s easy for them to find things. I also label plugs so that people can see what is in the spaghetti of wires hidden under desks. This saves vital minutes looking for the right cable.”

Kate Galbally a professional declutterer from Your Admin Solution agreed: “Clear labelling means you know exactly what belongs where, which makes things easy to find, particularly in an office environment. This is really useful if the person who usually does the filing is off sick or on holiday as it allows others to pick up the job with no trouble, saving time and stress.”

Zoe Short who runs So Sorted believes labels are an essential item when she’s working with a client commenting: “We think we can remember everything, but we can’t, and we need labels to help with that – even temporary labels. If you are re-organising your office or home, labels can help ease stress. They also need to look nice and not tatty – you want people to look at your storage and paperwork and notice how neat everything looks.”


Free online label creator

Did you know that you can make your labelling fun, quicker and easier in just a few minutes? Avery UK has a fantastic free online label creator which allows you to create printed labels for your whole office. You simply put your chosen product code into the software and it brings up a whole range of creative, stylish and professional templates all ready for you to personalise with your own text and images. If you prefer to completely customise your labels yourself, you would simply choose a blank template and upload your own images, add your text and build in a variety of shapes, colours and additional features.

Whether you need to address an envelope, organise your office, produce a business card or brand your products, Avery Design & Print can help you make them look great, without the need for an external agency or expensive design programme.


What’s amazing about this free online label creator is you can save all your designs in your online account, so you can just edit and re-print each time you need new labels. You can even apply a design to another product simply by clicking a button. There’s also the opportunity to perform more complex actions such as creating a mail merge, adding barcodes and sequential numbers.

To get you started head to the Avery Design & Print advice section for inspiration https://www.avery.co.uk/software/how-to/software-how-to-guides.

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