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What’s in our new Lyreco PPE catalogue – Section four Respiratory Protection

Deep breaths, this is the Respiratory Protection section of our brand new Lyreco PPE catalogue preview for 2018/19. Find out more about what’s included in the catalogue below.

This PPE is subject to a long list of EN standards which are all explained in the section’s opening paragraphs. On the same page is a summary of the common hazards that workers face including aerosols and aqueous fogs, and fumes. Additionally, the levels of protection and exposure limits are covered here.

The respiratory protection products are categorised by FFP1, FFP2 and FFP3 with maintenance free, reusable and powered options. These are manufactured by our premium partners 3M, Delta Plus, JSP, and Uvex.

Brands in section 4

What’s New?

There are quite a few new items this year, so look out for 3M’s Particulate Respirator FFP2 Valved 8822, FFP2 Cup-Shaped Disposable and FFP2 Spidermask Valved respirators, and the Delta Plus FFP3 M1300VB Fold-Flat-Shaped Disposable Valved Respirator.

That’s all for our quick look into the respiratory section of the Lyreco PPE catalogue.

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New Lyreco PPE catalogue coming soon

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