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What’s in our PPE catalogue – Section eleven spill control

And so to our final section of the Lyreco PPE catalogue preview, Spill Control. This section’s introduction explains the Oil Storage Regulations, who needs to comply with them and what is required to achieve compliance.

All of our absorbents are tested to BS 7959 and meet the BS standards for the colour coding of absorbents. They are as follows:

  • Grey/black in colour for maintenance absorbents – absorb both water and oil based fluids
  • White in colour for oil only absorbents – absorb oil based fluids and repel water
  • Yellow in colour for chemical absorbents – absorb oil based fluids and repel water

Our spill control products are produced by Ecospill – the leading supplier and manufacturer of spill prevention, containment and control products. Our Ecospill range covers absorbents, spill kits and spill management systems. Our premier selection features high performance and uniquely innovative technology that offers up to 20% more absorbency than any other industrial alternatives.

What’s New?

New to 2018/19 are three products from Ecospill’s Spill & Go range.

Ecospill has specifically designed this range to offer a practical, yet cost effective solution for dealing with small incidental spills and leaks around the workplace and in workshops. It can also be carried on vehicles that transport liquids.

The choice available is the Spill & Go Roll in a Box, Spill & Go Dispensing Box and Spill & Go Spill Kit. All three are for either maintenance or oil spills.
The Spill & Go Roll in a Box comes in a handy dispenser box with carry handle, the dispenser boxes have unique integral tabs so they can be affixed to a wall or kept on a workbench for ease of access. The Spill & Go Spill Kit is ideal for dealing with small scale spills and leaks around the workplace.

And that’s it! All eleven sections in all their glory. The full catalogue will be launched on Monday and hope that you’ll find it a useful resource for not only ordering your PPE and site safety products, but also as a handy reference tool for legislation and regulations know how.

In the meantime if you’d like to see our full range of PPE equipment you can on our Webshop here

New Lyreco PPE catalogue coming soon

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