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What’s the secret to a perfect workplace in 2018?

The key to keeping employees happy and feeling valued has been revealed by office products suppliers, Lyreco. It surveyed 2,000 office workers via OnePoll to discover what makes employees go ‘wow’ in the workplace. This covered everything from the look and feel of an office, furniture and technology to how a company makes its employees feel. Whilst more than half (53%) don’t think there is such a thing as the perfect employer, a relaxed attitude, supportive colleagues and flexible working hours came out as the most-wanted traits. This was followed by a close-knit team and light-hearted atmosphere.

Four in ten office workers are happy in their roles most days with another three in ten saying they are some days. The top three things that would make people feel happier at work are employers caring more about health and well-being, giving the office a makeover and recognising staff who do little things around the office such as tidy the kitchen or filing. When it came to wall décor that would allow people to be the most productive, landscape photography, artwork and prints featuring inspirational quotes came out on top.

Lyreco’s survey also revealed that 22% of employees admit to being envious of friends because of their workplace. The most likely causes of desk envy in a workplace are being next to a window, privacy around your desk and amount of space.
Half of the office workers agreed that the look and feel of an office affects how well they do their job. Whilst 46% said that good quality office furniture helps make an employee feel valued at work.

Helen Moran, category manager – paper and office products at Lyreco said: “Our team are visiting UK offices selling and delivering products every single day, so we wanted to fully understand current work trends and how office life has changed over the years. We also wanted to explore what creates the wow-factor when visiting an office or learning more about how a company looks after their staff. It really highlighted the importance of making the right decision when it comes to ordering office items as 39% of workers agreed that good quality office supplies can help show that bosses value staff. 48% have complained about their workplace environment to their employer with 68% agreeing their workplace lacks perks.”

With 71% of respondents saying they considered quitting their job in the last year, it’s important to find ways of making work life more enjoyable. The top five things that are most likely to make you quit a job are a nightmare commute, overwhelming workloads, intimidating boss, getting underpaid, bullying work colleagues and a big lottery win. Almost half (49%) of office workers regret taking their current job in some way.

Only a third of office workers plan to stay in their current role for the rest of their career. When it comes to health, 66% of employees feel that workplaces are more stressful than they were five years ago. Seven in ten would like their employers to give them more space and time to think things through with only 22% of office workers specifically given time to concentrate on being creative at work. However, six out of ten office workers feel fulfilled in their career in some way.

It appears there is a generation gap when it comes to many views on office life. For example, 46% of those aged over 55 have considered quitting their job in the past year, compared to just 14% of those aged 18 to 24 years old. The younger generation are more envious of workplaces than their older peers with 37% admitting to office envy compared to just 16% when aged over 55. However, the oldest generation admitted to being happiest in their job followed by those aged 25 to 34, workers aged 35 to 44 years were least happy in their job.

As part of their study, Lyreco has produced a list of the top 20 things that respondents said would make the perfect employer. These survey findings have kick-started a drive for Lyreco to delve deeper into UK workplaces and find offices that truly make you go wow. They will be revealing more on their social channels over the coming weeks with advice, inspiration and special offers that can help improve work stations around Britain. Find out more by following #LyrecoOfficeWow and its Facebook page,@lyrecouk_ie on Instagram and Twitter and by clicking here for LinkedIn.


  1. Relaxed attitude
  2. Supportive colleagues
  3. Flexible working hours
  4. A close-knit team
  5. Light hearted atmosphere
  6. Good pension scheme
  7. Being able to book time off at the last minute
  8. Flexitime
  9. Private healthcare
  10. A fun place to work
  11. Training schemes
  12. Space to be creative
  13. Employee discounts
  14. Gym membership
  15. Being able to take personal calls during office hours
  16. Getting an hour-long dinner break
  17. Extra days holiday on your birthday
  18. Nice desk or workspace
  19. The latest technology and tools to do my job
  20. Company holidays
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